Fall Ready-to-Wear ’18 in Illustration

What better way to celebrate the release of our favourite luxury designers’ Fall 2018 Ready-to-Wear collections than with a few fashion illustrations?

From Chanel’s breath-taking set design (with Karl Lagerfield transforming the Grand Palais into a living, breathing forest) to Alessandro Michele’s surreal, clinical vision for Gucci’s runway as an eerie laboratory, our imaginations were constantly challenged.

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Body of Works

Everyone has a creative outlet, be it through painting masterpiece replicas of ‘Starry Night’ or simply writing your thoughts in a journal before you go to bed. I have a mixture of creative outlets that I frequently engage in, from teaching myself a new song on piano, going to dance and singing classes or even just writing a blog post.

Throughout year 11 and 12, my art teacher allowed me to express myself through the focus of ART. After a dozen written artist essays, two dozen experimental creative tasks and a handful of successful body of works, I realised that I had gradually developed and refined my own personal aesthetic. I recognised that all of my artworks had a consistent unity, and could be described using the same words: contemporary, superimposed, digital photography, water-colour, triptych, collage, environmental, shapeless…  

A body of work (BOW) is a collection of artworks an artist has produced that reflects their personal style, and here are just three of mine (one of which will be presented in GOMA later this year) :

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