The Glow of Snow


If you’ve never seen snow before, as I hadn’t until my school ski trip six months ago to Perisher NSW, you’d probably expect it to feel like a cold blanket of marshmallows or a light flurry of fairy floss. I’m not going to crush your fantasies- sometimes it really did reflect that definition perfectly and my friends and I could make snow angels or, you know, shove it down each other’s shirts. But when I first jumped into the expanse of white in a pair of clunky ski boots, clutching a couple of skis in one hand and two long poles in the other, I realised a little too late that the seemingly fluffy snow was harder than the ski helmet keeping my head warm. I’ll let you complete the picture.
Down below I’ve made a list of my favourite moments from the week that was full of happiness, numb fingers, countless stacks and way too many hot chocolates.  Continue reading “The Glow of Snow”