Polaroid Album

Every photograph posted on this blog is the phenomenal result of a Canon 550d camera. Recently, the clarity and blur on my lens had been out of whack, so I’ve turned to my canary yellow Instax mini polaroid to fulfil all of my shooting desires. There’s something a little bit sacred and heartwarming about polaroids: every shot is purposefully selected based on the aesthetics of the environment, the golden feeling in the moment or the significance of the event.

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5 Favourites: Breakfast in Brisbane

Breakfast all day every day! I shout from beneath piles of blankets with the sun pouring through the window and my head filled with last night’s dreams. To me, breakfast can make or break the day, and it’s not just the food, but the circumstances too.

For those of you who aren’t morning people, I’m here to help! I’ve found five great Brisbane cafes tucked away in hidden suburbia that will 500% change your mind about sleeping through the loveliest meal of the day. Even if you can’t bring yourself to roll out of bed until noon, never fear, these cafes serve breakfast ALL DAY long, so waking up in the PM isn’t even a problem. I love each and every one of these alcoves, so make it a mission to check them out with a friend or a book. They’re worth waking up for.

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Pining for Them

The term ‘adventure’ is defined as “an unusual and exciting or daring experience” generally involving an exotic or scenic location screaming to be explored. For me,  while an engaging destination is a vital part of any road trip, it isn’t half as important as the people who tag along. 

Monday afternoon was spent exploring a pine tree forest with two of my favourite people in the universe. We stumbled across a secluded clearing surrounded by tall trees where we spread out my trusty blue-and-white picnic mat. It lives in the boot of my car and, even though it’s covered in a mixture of grass, twigs, sand and crumbs, has come in handy many a time.  Continue reading “Pining for Them”