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Cleo’s Kiss Mood Board

As my Bachelor of Journalism (minoring in fashion) is drawing to a close, I find myself reflecting on the past three years of university. Not every subject was memorable, but I’m so thankful to the ones that were. While Fashion Visualisation was time-consuming and challenging, it led me back to my creative roots and gave me the chance to design my own fashion brand!

More importantly, Fashion Visualisation taught me how to properly use the Adobe suite, from Photoshop to InDesign to Illustrator. As I don’t have the programs on my MacBook (I might be graduating soon but for now I still live the poor uni student life!!), I had to use the computer labs on campus. My illustrations are rushed and far from perfect, and my concept could use more development, but for my first ever attempt at fashion design I’m happy with how things turned out! I can only improve from here.

Final Designs 



Swing Tag & garment label 


The inspiration behind my brand Cleo’s Kiss came from the Ancient Egyptian Queen of Nile: Cleopatra. The label’s Spring Summer Ready-to-Wear ‘18 collection is a refreshing blend of geometric shapes with feminine style, mixing timeless tradition and innovative modernity. The collection draws from a distinct colour scheme to channel the energy of a powerful female pharaoh, including classic ‘diamond’ white and ‘zebra’ black. Contemporary pops of colour, such as gold, red and ‘sahara’ blush, ensure the Cleo’s Kiss woman is striking yet sophisticated. Geometric patterns and angles are a staple in every Cleo’s Kiss design, as surprising shapes are transformed into statement pieces. The brand has a penchant for shimmery fabrics and one-shouldered gowns, combining Greek modesty with Egyptian seduction

Tech Drawing

Screen Shot 2018-10-30 at 3.49.03 pm.png

Colour Board





Finders Keepers


Brisbane struck lucky this weekend when the Finders Keepers markets overtook Bowen Hill’s old museum in a blur of flowers, handmade jewelry, prints and home-ware. The Australian Design and Art markets are ultimately a gathering of good food, good music, and good people, surrounded by unsurpassable stalls boasting unique treasures. From amethysts growing plants to wooden clouds providing frames for colourful prints, everywhere you looked there was bound to be something to catch your eye. I captured my favourite portions of Finders Keepers on camera, but to really grasp an understanding of the relaxed, sunny atmosphere, keep up to date on when these stellar markets are next hitting up Brisbane and follow the Finders Keepers Instagram: @finders_keepers.

Featuring: terrariums by bella // the grassy bowl // hello miss may // dear mabel // bespoke letterpress // ace of swords // core // erin lightfoot // alice nightingale 


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