Noosa Through A Lens


Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on a plane ticket, why not jump in your car with a bunch of friends and explore somewhere you’ve never seen before? For my way too short mid-term break (that’s actually 3/4 of the way through the semester because uni is weird), this is exactly what I did. Here’s to four days at Noosa Heads!

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Stop & Smell the Roses

Every time I cross the Storybridge in Lancelot (my silver lancer), there’s a feel good song blasting on the radio, my windows are rolled down and the stretched city landscape rushes past in a blur of tall buildings and metallic colours. Looking at these photos transports me to this really special space in my mind where I’m flying across the bridge but in slow motion, caught in the moment with ample time to stop and smell the roses.
We live in a fast-paced environment, constantly connected to our phones and squeezing as much activity as we can into the shortest amount of time. With Spring comes the opportunity to take a step back, breathe deeply and just chiillll.


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Chasing Waterfalls

Waterfalls are scientifically proven anti-depressants, certain to calm your farm as you ooh and ahh over a mass of gushing water tumbling over a cliff-face. For a more scientific explanation, the negative ions found in abundance in environments such as beaches, mountains and waterfalls create positive energy which you inhale, leaving you feeling refreshed and happy.  Continue reading “Chasing Waterfalls”