Cat-calling is not (cl)awesome

CBC cat meow roar hissing

I’m not one of those ‘crazy feminist lasses who think every man is the spawn of satan himself,’ but lately the concept of guys verbally abusing gals has been circling around my brain. The older I grow, the more I notice the position of women in society and how sometimes the relationship between the two sexes is simply an inherent part of our culture. Something that I can’t even begin to understand, however, is the notion of cat-calling.

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An Era of Terrorism

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A series from my art journal.
Turkey: Continuously under fire // France: The statue where a shrine was left for Paris & Nice victims // Syria: A UNESCO world heritage site destroyed by ISIS // Belgium: The building where a shrine was left for Brussels victims. 

Modern history was my favourite subject in high school, because every class my teacher read us a chapter from a book about a certain time period, and as the term progressed so did the story. Week by week I learnt more about the oppressive dictatorship of Josef Stalin, American interventions (god damn, they interfered more times than Simon abrasively cuts off an X-Factor hopeful), and suffragette activism (and no, it was not all a singing fiesta like Mary Poppins suggests).

Enthralled in learning about the past lead me to wondering… What will people of the future learn about the people of now? What story will be spun about our lives? I can see the title for the textbook in my mind, and it’s not a particularly pretty one: An Era of Terrorism. 

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How to Take Action With The #BLM Movement

‘Black Lives Matter’ is not a moment in time but a fully-fledged movement, and we all need to jump on board. While the campaign obviously originated in America as a result of police brutality against African Americans, it is imperative that everyone educates themselves on this global issue and recognises the importance of spreading awareness of injustice. In saying this, even though #BLM  needs to be addressed most prominently in America, it can have an effect all over the world- we just need to look back to Australia’s origins to realise that we aren’t innocent either. Speaking openly about ‘Black Lives Matter’ could open further conversation for social issues a little closer to home, and not just the invasion/settlement issue but the ‘Bring Them Home’ movement, which refers to the current refugee predicament Australia is facing. Learn how to make a difference by having a read of this empowering article by a fave blog of mine, ‘The Messy Heads.’ 


The Messy Heads

In the wake of the unjust deaths of Philando Castile and Alton Sterling, something needs to be said here. More importantly, these are not isolated incidents and so many unjust killings do not reach mass consciousness because nobody was there to hit record.  Regardless of your political views or your stance on this issue, a black man should not be shot five times at a routine traffic stop. A black man should not be shot four times when he is already pinned down by two police officers. 500+ people should not be killed by cops this year alone. There is major reform that needs to be done to ensure that our brothers and sisters of this nation are not consistently targeted and prejudged for their skin color when it comes interactions with law enforcement.

Here are the facts.

Every 7 hours cops kill an American Citizen

Only 1% of cops are…

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