The Light Years


These are my light years.

According to artist Alyssa Monks, that precious period of time when you’ve stepped into adulthood and you’re no longer a child, but you’re not yet weighed down by the responsibilities of life, are your light years.  

Days when you can wake up and choose to lay in bed all day long, or hop down to the beach, or explore a waterfall. No limitations. Bending time, spending unlimited hours laughing in cafes and talking about nothing at all with people who pour warm fuzzy feelings into your heart. Turning off the lights, dancing around the house. 

Days just like this one, lying in the grass surrounded by sunflowers and daisies, eating watermelon, avocado bagels and chocolate from America. Admiring the garden, talking about music and laughing when Sarah drinks watermelon juice straight from the bottom of the shell. These photographs document just one light scene in an entire year of careless, sunlit hours. While days like these may appear meaningless, in the grand scheme of life they culminate into an extensive golden series of freedom and happiness. And that’s how it should be. 

Here’s to a day from the light years. 



Bianca’s T-shirt Dress from Gorman
Silver Sandals from Kmart
Kayla’s striped dress from Diish

img_1770img_1766img_1757img_1760img_1674img_1833PS: Bianca is a gorgeous human,and her bright spirit really shines through in these pics. Creds to my best friend for being a combination of snow white, jasmine and tiana all in one stunning soul and face.




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