5 Favourites: Breakfast in Brisbane

Breakfast all day every day! I shout from beneath piles of blankets with the sun pouring through the window and my head filled with last night’s dreams. To me, breakfast can make or break the day, and it’s not just the food, but the circumstances too.

For those of you who aren’t morning people, I’m here to help! I’ve found five great Brisbane cafes tucked away in hidden suburbia that will 500% change your mind about sleeping through the loveliest meal of the day. Even if you can’t bring yourself to roll out of bed until noon, never fear, these cafes serve breakfast ALL DAY long, so waking up in the PM isn’t even a problem. I love each and every one of these alcoves, so make it a mission to check them out with a friend or a book. They’re worth waking up for.


1. PawPaw Cafe


While pawpaw isn’t exactly the most common food one might find in the fruit aisle at a grocery store, the modern cafe of the same name certainly ranks highly among the locals.  Influenced by South East Asia, the space within the tin shed is constructed from emerald green cushions, avocado-coloured walls and plenty of white shades breathing air into the room. The neon sign out front wraps the entire vibe into one happy experience with bright orange ribbon.

Where: 898 Stanley St Cnr Potts St East Brisbane
Top Pick: Arabian Avocado $13.95

2. Hallowed Grounds Espresso


Stepping into hallowed grounds is like stepping into your grandma’s living room. The cafe boasts mismatched tables and chairs, vintage art posters, pillows spread over spiny metal and an array of fashion zines left for perusal over coffee. As if it wasn’t quaint enough already, their backyard has its very own view of the mountain tops… in gigantic poster form, but still a view nonetheless.

Where: 1417 Logan Road, Mount Gravatt
Top Pick: French toast bagel $16

 3. Esher Street

Plate of food on table outside Esher St Cafe and Deli

Every meal, from banana bread to pancakes, is served with a pretty flower nestled on top; what more could you want? The backyard is fashioned from old washing boards and wooden planks, surrounded by twinkling lights and heaters for winter weather. Definitely worth a visit!

Where: 46 Esher St Tarragindi
Top Pick: Kasundi wrap $14.90

4. Picnic Cafe

Image result for picnic cafe brisbane

This cafe is so enchanting that my friend and I were once too busy admiring their array of pastries that the notion of paying slipped our minds completely. A couple of messy apologetic phone calls later and all was sorted! While the striped ceiling may throw the overall colour scheme into disarray, a table by the open windows overlooking the slanted street is all you need for a mint breakfast.

Where: 12 Martha Street, Camp Hill 
Top Pick: Bacon & Eggs Your Way $14.95

5. Reload Espresso Bar

Vintage kitchen table and chairs next to piano

A unique little building in which every corner unveils a different world, from an old piano to a comfortable couches. This mix-matched cafe surrounded by exposed brick is a wonderful place to spend your first few waking hours of the day .

Where: 9 Chrome St Salisbury
Top Pick: Crepes $10



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