Finders Keepers


Brisbane struck lucky this weekend when the Finders Keepers markets overtook Bowen Hill’s old museum in a blur of flowers, handmade jewelry, prints and home-ware. The Australian Design and Art markets are ultimately a gathering of good food, good music, and good people, surrounded by unsurpassable stalls boasting unique treasures. From amethysts growing plants to wooden clouds providing frames for colourful prints, everywhere you looked there was bound to be something to catch your eye. I captured my favourite portions of Finders Keepers on camera, but to really grasp an understanding of the relaxed, sunny atmosphere, keep up to date on when these stellar markets are next hitting up Brisbane and follow the Finders Keepers Instagram: @finders_keepers.

Featuring: terrariums by bella // the grassy bowl // hello miss may // dear mabel // bespoke letterpress // ace of swords // core // erin lightfoot // alice nightingale 



14958707_1227272077311876_1590606416_n14958608_1227272060645211_1602446536_n14958852_1227272093978541_1736142838_n      14937092_1227272083978542_625025285_n14961388_1227270953978655_1843912749_n 14962302_1227272067311877_2018079043_n 14962373_1227272063978544_172095302_n

Stained glass windows throwing staggered shadows across the caramel wooden panels like a barcode




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