fire N gold


It’s simply unbelievable how many times we experience pure, unadulterated magic everyday through a series of insignificant events:  

Small coincidences. The ever-changing canvas of the sky. The fact that nobody will ever understand what goes on between two people. The thousands of stories threading invisible strings around us. Sonder: the concept that every person we cross paths with is experiencing each day from an entirely different viewpoint. Space: the planets, the stars, the mystery. The idea that two people sitting side by side on a bus could be thinking radically opposing thoughts in their own private bubbles. Every snowflake has a unique design. That a string of words can paint a world or make us experience extreme emotions. It’s such a happy accident even being born that we are almost obliged to pay attention to these small moments of magic which go unnoticed far too often. The universe chose humans as its constraints for a reason, even if to some extent we were granted consciousness only as an instrument for the universe to admire itself. If you’re looking for an answer to the constant question of the ‘point’ of our existence, surely that’s got to be one satisfying response right there. For instance, travel is such a highly regarded experience, and what does travelling entail? Exploring the world- paying thousands of dollars to look at a different part of the universe. To look, to admire: this may just be our purpose. To many people, the location of this shoot is nothing more than a car-park in Brisbane. To others, the pastel buildings are a slice of enchantment, a series of architectural gems to be marveled at (and maybe also celebrated with Chinese food and kissing in the rain).

As those thoughts were tumbling through my brain all Winter long, here are three memorable moments from the past season:


Squishing two bikes into the back of my car and driving to the nearest beach with a friend, where we rode along jetties and boardwalks, ran after crabs in the water while watching the sunset and ate Thai food on the beach.


Feeling like a successful student journalist attending a ‘Behind the Panama Papers’ event, an interview with the person who uncovered and coordinated the scandalous release of the Panama Papers earlier this year. I drank sparkling champagne in The Fox and felt inspired by the presence of working journos from Channel 7 & the ABC. If journalists really do live a life as glamorous as that night, I can’t wait to see what more is in store.


Setting up a bonfire in my backyard with two close friends and toasting marshmallows until the pastels transformed into burnt flakes. Dancing to a playlist infusing 80s songs and tunes stacked with memories, waving marshmallow sticks above our heads and wiping smoke from our eyes. As the fire dwindled, we spread rugs on the grass and lay down to gaze at the sky. By the time we sleepily crawled into my bed, we’d seen three shooting stars and learnt four new constellations, including Scorpio.


The soundtrack running in my mind throughout the day was my current favourite song, a whimsical fire N gold cover by the Gardiner Sisters. 

Avery Dress – Dissh
Boots – Betts For Her
Rose Gold Watch – The Horse




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