Cast me in a Ferris Bueller remake


Cast me in a Ferris Bueller remake. 

Ditching lectures, uniforms and any hint of responsibility in lieu of impulsive adventures in the 80s sounds like a jazzy time to me. If you were to cast yourself in a Ferris Bueller remake, would you visit an art museum, borrow a Ferrari, eat at an over-priced restaurant or become the star attraction in a glitzy parade? You won’t know until you try it, and for when you do, here’s how to make the most of your day off:

  1. Ditch school/work/life and shake any traces of guilt or to-do-lists from your mind. This day is about freedom and reckless abandonment, so don’t let anything distract you.
  2. Gather one or two allies to maximise the fun. After all, how could Ferris have cultivated the optimum day without Sloane and Cameron by his side??
  3.  Be spontaneous. Always say YES while punching a triumphant fist in the air.
  4. Have a feel-good playlist blasting at all times.  The soundtrack to your day is ultra important because dancing and singing as loud as you can is a non-negotiable must-do.   
  5. Pause whatever you’re doing to marvel over the natural phenomenon that graces our planet every day: the sunset. You might be in the middle of eating an ice-cream upside down (who can predict what crazy shenanigans you get up to), but if you’re planning on ending your day off with a bang, stop and watch the clouds radiating pink and orange as the sun lowers over the horizon.

I’ll leave your Ferris Bueller-inspired 80s-adventure to unravel in your wildest imaginations…

   film 80s indie hipster ferris buellers day off


Jacket – Singapore Hard Rock Cafe
Top – Glassons
Shorts – Glassons
Jumper – Bardot


Once a week I wake up just after the sun, groggily throw on my Nikes while wiping sleep from my eyes and drive down to this gorgeous parkland. Tall pine-tree forests and fields of long grass are speckled in soft sunlight as I run past, putting one foot in front of the other and counting off the kilometres until I reach five.This morning, however, I skipped a step as I rounded the corner to discover the entire field of grass had disappeared like someone wiping away a smudge in a painting. How curious that I’d chosen to document this landscape just one week before it’s decimation… a lesson in appreciating everything (from tall grass to your guineapig), because it’s rare to find something that lasts forever.


By the way, in no way does me advising you to skip school/work/life mean I’m actually giving you my blessing to do so, even if it does mean your average day could transform into an exhilarating road-trip or unforgettable adventure…



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