Coffee Coats


So I am SUPER EXCITED about this lil’ blog post. Mainly because I can’t wait to show off this coat; I’m completely obsessed and wear it every chance I get, even if it’s just to drive to work. Speaking of my job as a waitress, over the hols I was earning $ nearly every day, so used the quiet hours to learn how to work the bar. You’re now looking at a trained barista who can mix & pour every drink under the sun- from iced chocolates to lattes, kahluas and short blacks. I love pouring caramel-coloured coffee into milk that’s been steamed to resemble wet paint, hearing the whir of the grinding coffee beans and swirling whipped cream into a ’50s-style milkshake glass. Everything’s coming up roses!

Jorge Coat – Universal Store
Avery Dress – Dissh
Rose Gold Watch – The Horse





Chester Street Bakery is, for anyone with a sweet tooth, heaven on earth. Considering the Storybridge is so close to the pearly gates, we couldn’t possibly leave without paying a visit. After ogling at the array of mousses, tiered cakes and nutella lasagnes, I ordered a salted vanilla malt shake and prepared to enter the land of clouds… (and probably diabetes too, oops)



As you can probably tell, I’m pretty smitten with my new rose gold watch too; whoever said money can’t buy happiness was so wrong. I hope you all remember to treat yourselves once in a while, shine bright and drink all the caramel milkshakes your heart desires.




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