Attitude of Gratitude

When I realised that my first semester break from university would be two months long (yes, you read correctly: two MONTHS), I couldn’t imagine what I would do with all of that free time. Turns out, I spent most of those long weeks watching movies on my laptop, sleeping, spending money on food, catching up with friends and working double-shifts in order to save up for… well, food.

One thing I did do every day was practice gratitude. When I was 12, my uncle gave me a book about the law of attraction which taught me the importance of being appreciative. Since then, nearly every day I catch myself reeling off a list of 5 things I’m thankful about. It’s a sweet little habit that really helps to put all the not-so-pleasant things into perspective.

As today was my first day back at university and getting into the groove of things, I decided to share my ‘attitude of gratitude’ and put into writing the top 10 small things/events that made my autumn-winter break pretty wonderful. Untitled


There’s nothing nicer than waking up on a Sunday morning and trudging into the kitchen in your PJs and slippers to find your parents cooking up a big brekky, the radio tuned to 97.3 and sunlight pouring onto a table laden with mugs of tea and glasses of apple juice. More days like these please!





I finally cracked open a box of goodies from Lush my uncle gave me for Christmas. The Snowman shower jelly is super fun and feels like I’m rubbing the insides of a gooey, toasted marshmallow over my skin. On the other hand, the Yazua & Cocoa bottle of shower gel leaves me smelling like pine cones and oranges- a weird combination but a happy one nonetheless!

Holly and I have a very expensive friendship, considering we live 30km apart, with tolls in between. Luckily, there are lots of plus sides to driving all that way, apart from seeing Hol of course. 1: She has a whole barn out the back that comes very much in handy for our spontaneous gathos (the latest of which we managed to gather a party of 17 in mere hours for a rad night of cards of humanity and alcohol-fuelled pizza making).

2: She owns two horses, named Music and Summer. After nagging her for approximately 8 months, she finally let me ride Music, if only to shut me up.





Picked up a few new makeup treats, including Mac lipstick, Mac foundation, Nars foundation, Rimmel bronzer and two pallets of Chi Chi eye-shadow.



Last week I scored two free tickets to ‘We Will Rock You’ The Musical. Did I mention- FREE?!
I rang up Ashleigh and that night we found ourselves sitting in the audience of a rock ‘n’ roll show set in the future and based off the legendary songs of Queen. Needless to say, we loved every minute and belted along to classics like Bohemian Rhapsody and Killer Queen before giving a standing ovation to the talented cast. I’ve been listening to the soundtrack on repeat every day since. No joke, I’m listening to it right now!




Gabby and I squashed our bikes into the back of my car and drove down to Manly, where we rode our bikes along the waterside and up as many boardwalks as we could find. It took us approximately 10 years to get the bikes in and out of the car, but that was probably because we collapsed in hysterics every time we tried to lift them.
In light of the 15th year anniversary of Legally Blonde, as a dedicated Delta Nu member I re-watched the movie and later found myself devouring all things Reece Witherspoon. I watched a short documentary about her that aired one Sunday night, and then every movie starring Reece that I could find, my favourites being Wild and Hot Pursuit. I even went as far to watch all the movies she directed, including Gone Girl.  On top of all of that, I also discovered her snapchat and can now see what’s she’s doing EVERYDAY. Omigod you guys, I really am obsessed. I LOVE YOU REECE WITHERSPOON! 




(Feat. my record wall) I’ve been eyeing off Mimco pouches for a long time but could never bring myself to spend my hard-earned dosh. Over the hols I found one that was a perfect honey colour, and fitted my phone, cash, car keys and lipbalm all in one, and just couldn’t resist. And boy am I glad, because if it was legal to marry a purse I can tell you now I’d no longer be a single lady.

Because Ashleigh’s studying science at university, she’s been feeling a bit creatively drained lately. So, when she slept over one night we used the morning to eat rice bubbles and make art. We didn’t aim to create anything worthy of gallery walls or even the gram, just to splatter some colour onto white pages. I may not be a fortune teller but I see many art days to come in the near future! (PS: Ash’s matching PJ set is so cute I could eat it.) Untitled


200 (1).gif

Chocolate-caramel milkshakes make up 82% of my diet, so I thought it would be wise to substitute the shakes for something a tad healthier.  These holidays I was determined to start drinking and enjoying tea, one cup at a time. Two months later, and I love all kinds- from green with jasmine to peppermint. GO ME



So, what are you grateful for?



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