Breakfast Club

Grade 12 was a year spent desperately trying to stay afloat among a tsunami of assignments, study notes, formal stress and OP predictions. I don’t know what motivated the rest of my grade to crawl out of bed every week, but I found a life raft in Breakfast Club

Every Friday morning myself and four other sleepy gals woke before the sun, piled into Mikayla’s lil car in our senior jerseys and searched for a cafe that was open at 6am. Prerequisites included mugs of hot chocolate, scrambled eggs, banana bread, heaters and fairy lights. On those quiet mornings all stress sank to the backs of our minds, even if only for that small pocket of time.

As uni life hit us (hard) we had to leave our treasured Breakfast Club behind with everything else we said goodbye to when we left high school. One thing that did remain was my love for breakfast food, especially because this year I’ve learnt to cook killer, 100% healthy meals. All of them are also VEGAN… almost. Look, eggs are just too good to go without. (So is ice-cream. And chicken… maybe also burritos)


Nevertheless, I present to you my favourite, almost-all-vegan and home-made breakfasts. Prepare to drool.



Believe it or not, these pancakes are actually ridiculously healthy, so no need to feel even a trace of guilt when you devour a stack of five all in one sitting.

NOTE: I personally love them smeared with strawberry jam and topped with sliced bananas coated in chia seeds.




I don’t even care that acai bowls are so trendy right now I’m conforming to society’s white girl standards when I eat, well basically inhale, one of these bowls. I AM A WHITE GIRL AND PROUD OF IT. What I love about them is that even though I make the same acai every day, I can change how it tastes depending on the toppings I chuck on top. I know right, the possibilities are endless! PS: Please don’t actually add lily petals to your meal. If you do, I take no responsibility for any cases of choking/death.

200ml of almond milk
1 frozen banana
1/2 cup mixed berries
1/2 cup frozen mango
1 tbs powdered acai
Handful of ice cubes
1 tbs flax seed
1 tbs protein powder

TOPPINGS: fresh fruit // cacao granola // oats // cinnamon granola // chia seeds // cacao nibs

NOTE: If you’re running so late you’re putting one shoe on while simultaneously applying eyeshadow and don’t have time to laboriously cut up fruit, forget the toppings and pour the acai straight into a cup. Voila! Takeaway smoothie.


I only just started liking avocado about a month ago. CRAZY I know. Not much to this little meal, just some good ol’ avo spread on multi-grain toast with a fried egg and some pepper. I like to add parsley as well for a slightly minty taste. Best enjoyed while binge watching ’80s TV shows in your pyjamas.



Same recipe as the vegan chocolate pancakes but – cacao powder and + blueberries. it’s always fun to throw the berries into the batter so there are lots of little surprises hidden in the pancakes. These ones taste best drizzled in raw cinnamon honey with the latest edition of Frankie on the side.

What are your favourite breakfasts?





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