Chasing Waterfalls

Waterfalls are scientifically proven anti-depressants, certain to calm your farm as you ooh and ahh over a mass of gushing water tumbling over a cliff-face. For a more scientific explanation, the negative ions found in abundance in environments such as beaches, mountains and waterfalls create positive energy which you inhale, leaving you feeling refreshed and happy. 

Of course, negative ions aren’t the only reason we shout in joy at the sight of a waterfall. When you think about it, the waterfall itself isn’t even the ultimate reward.
If you plan to spend a day exploring rock-pools, you also end up spending quality time with your favourite, adventure-hungry friends,  driving through breathtaking landscapes on  winding roads and trekking through dense greenery. Swimming in a natural, icy cold hole is another highlight, and then comes the overwhelming feeling of exuberance that paints a smile across your face as you embark on the mini road-trip back home.

Here are my top four waterfall destinations within two hours from Brisbane:

1. Gardner Falls

Gardner Falls has gorgeous rock pools to explore and two rope swings to jump into the water-hole from. Warning: the higher one is NOT for the faint-hearted. About a ten minute drive away is a cute little village on the mountain named Montville, and it’s well worth stopping there on the way home.



2. Killarney Falls

Blaik and I spent a day in the middle of the forest after hearing about a swimming hole shaped like a heart and fed by Killarney falls.
I stood on the edge of the cliff-face staring into the depths of the water for some time before finally building up the courage to take the plunge. For the remainder of the day we skimmed rocks along the flat surface, swam behind the waterfall and spent a solid ten minutes staring at a snake stretched across the path, judging how to pass it. I ended up running past so fast I somehow cut my foot on a root, but hey, I’d prefer a cut over a snake bite any day!



3. Cedar Creek

Four girls, one creek. On this trip we learnt that even when… 1. your lips turn blue and you’re certain to suffer from hypothermia, 2. eels are very real, and 3. it is very easy to slip down mossy waterfalls… when you’re in good company all your worries can fly away, even for just a little while.

4. Purling Brook

Never before have I felt so inadequate.
The swimming hole was well worth the 2km walk through the dense forest to the base of the waterfall. For this adventure I was accompanied by my favourite people, Holly and Paige. Before taking a dip in the icy pool and exploring the rocks jutting out of the water, the three of us sat on a ledge gazing in awe at the majestic falls while eating leftover birthday cake.







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