Underwater Fantasy


Snorkeling in Shark Bay at Seaworld was an incredible experience that introduced me to an underwater fantasy world and marine playground.
In a skin-tight wet suit I inched my way into the shark infested waters, securing the snorkel mask in my mouth as my heart pounded against my chest. I’d never snorkeled before, and I couldn’t say that sharks made me feel all warm and fuzzy. 
I left my fears behind as I pushed off the rocks into the aquarium. Within moments, I was surrounded by hundreds of fish sporting a variety of vibrant colours. Sharks darted from behind the coral, moving ominously along the sand, as sting rays glided gracefully below me. They were so broad that when I stretched my arms out, my hands didn’t even clear the edges of their wings. My brother and I waved to the mesmerised onlookers on the dry side of the tank, reveling in their jealousy and praying we’d never have to leave.

Snorkeling is a form of magic; a silent, airless adventure in a mystifying world filled with unusual creatures. Please enjoy these photographs from my underwater experience in Seaworld’s breathtaking aquarium.




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