Meet Bianca


Fact: Caramel, apple-pie flavoured popcorn is a real thing. Fact: We are addicted.

Another thing we’re addicted to is ADVENTURING, whether its picnicking alongside the Brisbane river or watching the city lights twinkle against Brisbane’s Story Bridge from the summit of a hill. Wherever we end up, delicious food, singing and nonstop chatter join us like familiar friends.

The name Bianca is derived from Italian roots and translates as ‘white’ and ‘shining.’ While she’s somehow ended up with the blackest voice I’ve ever heard on a white gal, the definition perfectly reflects the shining Taurus who is as familiar to me as the freckle on the back of my left hand. Born standing out, her clothing boasts the heights of fashion while her soul harbours the purest of morals. I took the time to ask this crazily gifted and gorgeous Bee some questions, so, meet Bianca. 


Who are you & what is your current situation?
I am Bianca Rapp and I’m a student who constantly has the desire to go to New York and see Broadway shows.

Quote you live by:
I don’t really have a quote I live by, it’s just this idea in my head to be constantly making myself a better person. The idea that I can always improve, and also just stuff like drinking more water, or smiling at people more. I think that’s something I live by or strive for in my life.

Describe yourself in three words: 

If your life had a theme song, what would it be?
Definitely “Don’t Stop Believing” by Journey, and this is for a few reasons: 1. With my biggest dream I really can’t stop belivin’ otherwise I’ll never make it, 2. It’s made in like the 80s, I think, and I consider myself a bit of an old soul because I love vintage and I love how music in the past was generally smart and flirty, and 3. It reminds me of my favourite people and has been played on special days in my life, so it evokes those memories.

How would you define your fashion style?
I define my style as the current, classic trends with a twist, such as an interesting, colourful pattern or a bold bag.

What food are you currently addicted to?
Current food addiction, ooo this is a hard one Kayla, because I love a lot of food. Not going to lie, bagels are so good right now because you can toast them for breaky with vegemite or have like fried egg avocado tomato relish and rocket and spinach on it. And some cafes sell killer bagels so currently loving them, mmmmm

Check out Queen Bee’s tumblr at 


Bianca’s Top 3 Tunes
1. Don’t Stop Believing – Journey
2. Come on Eileen – Dexy’s Midnight Runners
3.  Me and Julio Down by the Schoolyard – Paul Simon



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