Pining for Them

The term ‘adventure’ is defined as “an unusual and exciting or daring experience” generally involving an exotic or scenic location screaming to be explored. For me,  while an engaging destination is a vital part of any road trip, it isn’t half as important as the people who tag along. 

Monday afternoon was spent exploring a pine tree forest with two of my favourite people in the universe. We stumbled across a secluded clearing surrounded by tall trees where we spread out my trusty blue-and-white picnic mat. It lives in the boot of my car and, even though it’s covered in a mixture of grass, twigs, sand and crumbs, has come in handy many a time. 


I set up a game of scrabble which we never did get around to playing. Instead, we spent the summer evening eating muffins courtesy of Paige, laughing until hot tears ran down our cheeks and listening to the soundtrack of ‘Ghost’ (what else do you expect from a trio of theatre kids, really?) Only when the moon appeared high above us did we eventually pack up and farewell our treasured hideaway.


What made the afternoon memorable wasn’t just our luck of discovering a cosy picnic spot, but the company we shared. And that is why a marvelous adventure is not the only thing I ‘pine’ for (get it… pine cones? You know what, I tried), but also for the people who make me happy. I asked both Jaya and Paige how they would define happiness, and here are their responses:


J: Happiness is giving without expecting to receive.

P: Happiness is to be happy of who you are as an individual. To be 100% comfortable in your own skin, mentally and physically. To be able to feel content with yourself at what stage you’re at in your life and making positive changes for yourself and others.




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